What Are My Employment Options Abroad?

There are countless employment opportunities abroad for us Filipinos.

To give you a brief background of myself, I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I also have experiences with various multinational companies here in our country like Accenture and Ericsson, which puts me at an advantage if I wanted to go overseas to work as an OFW.

I’ve heard about the vacancies in several companies who are looking for IT professionals like me.

Companies in the Middle East (specifically Saudi Arabia) and here in Asia also; Singapore and China. Most of the skills that they are looking for in IT professionals from the Philippines are programming and web development.

Higher Salary is the Reason why Filipinos Go Overseas for Work

The increase in sales of smartphones has also caused a significant increase in the demand for Android and Mac smartphone App developers in all countries across the globe.

employment opportunities abroad for OFWs

App developers are one of the highest paid programmers I have seen job advertisements for, they earn Php100,000 and as high as Php400,000 per month, depending on the complexity of the apps that they are creating and their skills/experience of course.

Having worked locally in the Philippines I can say that I am not that satisfied with the salary that I am getting here, because the cost of living here is always growing and growing, and getting higher.

I have this cousin of mine who has worked in Saudi Arabia for several years as an IT professional, specifically networking. He got a starting salary of 2,458 SAR (Php35,000). After years of hard work and dedication there, his salary has increased significantly.

His primary job there is to configure routers and their corresponding IP addresses, installing software and hardware.

I have also a sister who worked abroad but in a different field, she is a nurse at an eye clinic in Oman and I know that she is getting paid well. She actually started her career here in our country as a hospital nurse.

After gaining experience locally, she worked overseas in Kuwait as a staff nurse in Dar-Al Shifa Hospital for two years and eventually was transferred to Oman because of a much better offer in terms of salary and benefits.

But the most targeted country for nurses is the United States of America because the nurses there are paid well. However Filipino nurses have to pass an exam (which is called NCLEX) to get a license to work as a nurse there.

The salary of a licensed nurse there can reach up to a whopping Php500,000 per month that is why many Filipino nurses are pursuing their dream to work there. However, the average Nurses salary in the US is $76,710 USD per year, or Php342,247 per month.

However, there are also a lot of other jobs that are open abroad even if you are a undergraduate or if you just finished a 2-year vocational course. Most of these are technical jobs.

Some of the jobs that you can get if you are on the technical side with no bachelor degree are a welder, baker, maintenance jobs, domestic helper, drivers, butcher and similar work.

The salary of technical workers ranges from Php30,000 and can go as high as Php150,000 depends on how hazardous and therefore rewarding their work is.

I know a neighbor who worked in Japan previously. He was a dump truck driver for several years where his salary was Y313,000 Yen (Php150,000 per month).

Is it Really Worth it to Work Abroad?

Although on my own point of view I prefer to stay here at my country and I do not need to work abroad to earn that kind of money because with proper knowledge and strategy I can make a decent living here in our country without leaving my family to work abroad.

I am currently working as a freelance web developer and writer as a full-time job and I also have a few businesses here locally like selling refurbished desktop computers and laptops and I also repair computers as a part-time job.

With all being said my conclusion is that you can substitute a high-paying job abroad by having a diversified income here locally to make a decent living because it is unfortunate to leave your family behind just for money.

We only live once that’s why we must cherish every moment that we have with our loved ones.

You do not want to be in a situation that you are not beside your child when they are growing up or beside your parents that are already ageing.

I believe that they all need your presence more than they need some extra allowance so consider what will be more important to them at the end of each day.

Author: Waldemar.

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