What is the POEA?

POEA: Helping Filipinos Find Work Abroad

Are you a Filipino aspiring to work abroad?

Do you want to find a good paying job outside the country, without the fear of being scammed or getting into some other trouble?

Many Filipinos dream of working abroad to seek greener pastures, and in order to keep them protected on their quest for a better life, the Philippine government created a specific agency that specialises in the needs of the Philippine overseas worker.

What is the POEA?

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, also known as the POEA, is an agency in the Philippine government that deals with various partners in most countries across the globe, in order for skilled Filipino workers to find suitable jobs that are safe and secure. As stated in their Vision-Mission Statement:

Those partnered up with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration in other countries, can definitely expect excellent quality service from the people working in these offices as they have been screened and approved by the same agency.

There are various standards and requirements that the POEA adheres to, especially when it comes to approvals and the certification for those Filipinos who want to work abroad. It is also good for both international partners and aspiring overseas workers to know that the POEA is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

There are various procedures that the POEA follows in order to maintain its quality of service, to both partners and workers.

Since the POEA deals with various international entities in supplying a comprehensive and competitive work force abroad, it aims to maintain good relationships with its said partners.

As part of its commitment, the agency enters agreements on both bilateral and multi-lateral levels. It has strategies in place in order to further strengthen its coordination with various host governments as it strictly enforces different competitive policies on skill competencies of Filipino workers who are being deployed abroad.

In order for foreign partners to fully comprehend the POEA commitment, it sends out invitations for both government and private companies to conduct oculars to see first hand the level of service and quality that it provides, and that passed through to the workers.

Applicants of the POEA can also be assured that their protection and welfare is looked after by the agency. In fact, there are a lot of preventive and remedial measures in place to help bolster the employee protection against its host country, company, or agency abroad. It is good to know that the POEA has an extensive and detailed database of all foreign employees all over the world.

This is the reason why the agency strongly implements pre-employment seminars, proper education for aspiring applicants, and discourages illegal recruitment of workers. Employees who are maltreated by its foreign employers can file complaints online or in active POEA offices. There are provisions in place for those that seek legal aid and other incentive programs for victims as well.


Part of the POEA’s core functions is the regulation between the Philippines and other host countries and their companies, who are certified by the agency. In order for these participating hosts to be able to receive work aid from the Philippines, they have to go through various screenings and licensing. 

The POEA needs to ensure that the host company and the applicant, are a good match before it can facilitate deployment of the worker.

Lastly, those involved with the POEA should know that there are various General Administration and Support Services in place for the protection of all parties. Such as Human Resources Development, Property and Supplies Management, Financial Management, Information and Communication Technology, Plans and Policy Development, and Quality Management Systems.

As more and more Filipinos want to work abroad, the POEA actively works to provide them with secure jobs through the help of numerous job agencies. Some overseas Filipino workers experience maltreatment and unjust payments, and in extreme circumstances there is reported deaths of OFWs working abroad.

Sadly, illegal recruiters still exist, and too many had fallen victims to their traps.

The POEA is here to serve the Filipino jobseekers. Not only does it work with various agencies local and abroad, but it also offers numerous services, including helping you find a legit job outside the country.

Thanks to POEA, the Filipino overseas worker can be further assured of legit, secure and well-compensated jobs abroad.

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