Why and When to Get Your OWWA e-CARD

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has launched their e-CARD for OFWs last November.

Most OFWs have not yet availed the e-CARD simply because they are still abroad, working hard and are busy supporting their families back home.

With Christmas and the New Year period now here, thousands of OFWs will return home for a much needed vacation to see their family, friends and loved ones.

The OWWA (part of the Department of Labor and Employment) has urged OFWs who will be home during this period to take further advantage of their time back home here in the Philippines, and to avail their e-CARD.

The OWWA has provided an online application form as the first step for all OFWs who wish to avail the e-CARD and the benefits that come with it.

OWWA OFW e-CARD Application Form is Here: https://ecard.owwa.gov.ph/

OWWA OFW e-CARD Application Form

This application form can be completed online, and even before you have returned back home, so you can get the process started for smoother and faster delivery of your e-CARD when you are back home.

Benefits of the OWWA e-CARD

The OWWA states that they are dedicated to supporting OFWs in all aspects of their duties abroad, including:

  • Their deployment abroad.
  • OFWs security abroad. 
  • Working and Human rights whilst abroad.
  • Insurances in case of accidents, injury or death. 
  • Support when coming back to the Philippines for good (repatriation).
  •  Education seminars and trainings for OFWS, before they depart to better prepare Filipinos for their time, work and experiences abroad.
  • Training programs for Seafarers.
  • Education scholarships for children of OFWs.
  • Support for dependants of OFWs.
  • And much more.

We can’t guarantee anyone that all these benefits will be available to them at all times (we are not affiliated with the OWWA).

You should contact the OWWA and ask specifically about the inclusions that are most important to you, and ask if you will personally be able to benefit from them also.

When you’re back home on vacation, we understand your itinerary is filled, down to the minute, of each waking hour!

We suggest that you plan one outing that is nearby a registered OWWA office. Perhaps your family can wait for you in a nearby mall for a few hours, while you line up and process your e-CARD.

You can join them later for lunch and some very well missed local favourite dishes.


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